Why Choose Carpet Tiles For Your Home

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Advantageous, carpet tiles can mix and match any interior design with style. Colors and structures are unique with high practicality and comfort. DIY fittings allow you to best enhance your home as preferred. There are several main reasons of why selecting carpet tiling for home and office. Better accoustics, quality of air and comfort, easy installation and maintenance, excellently safe, sustainable and allow creativity.

What make carpet tiles durable? Thanks to wear and even fire resistant, stable but flexible, these features make long lasting investment with them on your flooring.

There are different shapes more than just square that you can combine, mix and match colors and textures for the uniquely distinctive patterns.

The tiles are made of recycled back-to-back raw materials as a quality standard. This means safety and health due to less odor and dust-capturing thanks to PVC & solvent materials. Soft step makes your feet feel comfortable.

When it comes to the installation, there is no need of permanent glue. Just loose lay each of the tiles in phase. Although not as durable as other tiles, carpet tiles are maintenance-friendly. Your subfloor is safe and you just need to remove only the damaged tiles by peeling and sticking them.

From entryway to kitchen and even basement, floor tiling with carpet is a fun choice. Affordable in price, this is a good idea for interior refreshment often times.

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