Rustic Kitchen Cabinets – Stylish Country Kitchen

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Country Painted Kitchen Cabinets

A wide range of rustic kitchen cabinets can give a stunning decor of stylish country kitchen ideas. Comfort and style are a wonderful combination with the right touches in design. Before the selection, it is the perfect material deciding best rustic cabinets. Wood has the most of rustic appearance to make your rustic country kitchen. It is genuine in color and texture. Another option is laminate but only a replica that means lesser in value.

Best materials of wood for the rustic kitchen cabinets are cherry, pine, maple, oak and hickory. Best colors for the cabinets’ style are not always the natural. White is also good to give simplicity and minimalism at the same time.

Do you love to see natural knots on the cabinet surface? Pine is a good wood. However, you need to treat the wood properly so that to avoid leak pitch.

Darker wood look is gorgeous with cherry while strength is its excellent quality too. When it comes to rustic kitchen cabinets with all combinations of look, strength, availability and cost, oak has been the one for everyone.

Painting the wood cabinets rustic style or distressing its surfaces, you can DIY in how to make the rustic style cabinets with your taste.

Rustic cabinets for kitchen come with optional hardware including knobs, pulls, handles and hinges. You can find a lot of them that work with rustic designs today. Complementary is the value to seek for.

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