Quality Of Intex Rectangular Pool

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Intex Pools For Sale

Intex swimming pool offers many great advantages. Intex rectangular pool has become the most popular selection. Beside of strong and durable, it features a full package to install in your outdoor home like backyard. There are filter pump, cover, patch kit, maintenance kit, ladder, ground cover and the pool itself. Relatively easy to install, you can do it by following instructions in DVD as a set in the package.

Durability is what to count on Intex rectangular pool. Materials are from heavy gauge which specially in the construction of super strong quality. There are three layers that support the strength on the side walls. They are an inner polyester mesh in its inner layer that supports reinforcement. Two other layers are lamination of PVC heavy gauge in the outer. Resistance to rust and corrosion is what you can count on the ultra frame.

8 ft, 13 ft, 15 ft and more sizes are available to pick and best serve you great. When it comes to price to spend, it is ranging from US$700 to US$1500. Your pick on size decides it. With care properly, the pool can last even a lifetime. This means awesome for the investment. Chlorine generators will significantly help in keeping the water clean and fresh.

With reasonable cost, Intex rectangular pool shall complete your outdoor with beauty and fun.

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