High Quality Quartz Kitchen Countertops Benefits

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Quartz Countertops Pros And Cons

Quartz kitchen countertops are engineered from a mixture of crushed quartz (about 93%), and resins and pigments (about 7%). A wide variety of colors comes to become great selections in how you want to decorate your kitchen with quartz material for the countertops. Generally, the color palette of quartz is according to how coarsely it is crushed.

There are several benefits about quartz material to become countertops in the kitchen. The high quality of appearance features inconsistence of patterns and veins. This makes a unique choice to become the material surface of kitchen workspace.

Quartz countertops Vs granite, each of the stones has its own quality features. However, there are several factors to indulge people to choose quartz over granite stone. Quartz kitchen countertops are harder, durable, elegant, non-porous and most of all is its non-requirement for polishing or sealing like granite.

Unlike granite as a natural stone, quartz is man-made or manufactured. This makes more options in color and pattern with quartz’s unique inconsistence.

By having quartz kitchen countertops, you won’t do much maintenance because of easy to care for and high resistance to heat and scratch. The slab sizes of quartz stone can be purchase per square foot.

Kitchen ideas with quartz countertops are mostly modern and contemporary styles. The elegant shine of quartz shall give bright and fresh atmosphere especially in well-illuminated spaces.

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