High Quality Protection Custom Table Pads

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Custom Table Pads For Dining Room Tables

Decorative and protective, custom table pads are more than just accessories. Round, square, rectangle and other shapes and sizes come to best suit your tables. Coffee tables, dining tables, console tables, sofa tables and more can have great accessory in form of pads. Materials and colors come to give unique personal textures on your furniture at high value. Scratches, burn and water damage and knicks are to prevent for the beauty that lasts a very long period of time.

High quality materials are one that anti-moisture. They also include protective value from heat that surely amazing in matter of durability. Felt bottom, vinyl top and insulation are the layers that make custom table pads in three layers of thickness. However, extreme heat like from direct pan after cooking would not be wise to put on the pads.

Berger’s table pads offer best high quality for your tables. You will only get the ultimate protection. The right size includes the right material, shape and purpose with the custom table pads. Buffets, end tables, pianos, pools and more can have both decorative and protection values. There are also table extender pads, paddies with monogram to make the better look and feel as well as function of the tables.

Magnaloc is a very popular choicd with custom monograms and magnetic system of locking that has already been patented. When it comes to style, there are Economy, Mid-Grade and Elite that optional as you desire and require within budget.

Other reliable sites where to purchase unique creative table pads are worth your time and effort. Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Pioneer are excellent with the offerings. Decorate and protect your tables with custom table pads. High quality table pads are like heat resistant, waterproof, anti-scratch and with Magnaloc.

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