Coffee Table Trunk Storage Style Features

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Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

As attractive and functional furniture, coffee table trunk is a great addition. It is your need and decor ideas to decide the best design choice. The main idea of having trunk coffee table is its storage space underneath. It has hollow space inside that usable for storing items like books, wine, remote control, etc. This is about de—cluttering and easy access on items you store in it.

As one of best storing items beside ottoman coffee tables, trunk tables mostly come in wood. You can also find metal material, leather, wicker, acrylic, Lucite and so on. From antique, shabby chic, vintage to rustic and contemporary, design styling features simple but nice quality furniture. It is also usable as seating. Quality of construction does really matter here.

Shelf and drawer are two good combinations for the nicer storage spaces. They both add texture into design styles of the coffee table trunk. The complementary hardware pieces make the better values.

Small to large trunk coffee tables, shape and size are important considerations when selecting. Black, white, silver and more color options should make your living room uniquely beautiful. If you have woodworking skill and want a custom piece, then DIY is cool.

Best design selections of coffee table trunk are on sale at IKEA, Amazon, Target, Pier One and more. As end table, side table, chest table, the furniture piece is versatile. Decorative coffee table trunk with storage saves space and de-clutters items. Trunk coffee table designs are available in all styles and features.

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