Best Quality Antique Pool Tables

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Beautiful Antique Pool Tables

Materials are durable for antique pool tables. In comparison with modern pool tables, the better quality of fabric and wood makes high craftsmanship especially during the era of art deco. This is why a lot of people are seeking for antique design style pool table. When it comes to size, you can find several options. They are 8, 9 and 10 that wonderful in satinwood and heavy bed slate and more quality features to count on. More optional wood styles come in 7 that for sure impressive.

Cues and balls, they can take place in the drawer hidden under. All antique pool tables have such feature that exquisite. This is good for the practicality when reaching for them to start the game on. Among all, I love antique Victorian style with finishes mostly come in light oak wood along with decorative cabinet panels. Other great kinds of wood are diamonds and ivory.

Price is ranging from 300 pounds to over 5000 pounds. The quality features and details determine how high the cost to spend. You can also find brand new models instead of old ones. True antique pieces of recplicas, identification is to do by real pro or you can also learn from reliable sites. Antique pool tables for sale on eBay are available in many great models. Popular names are Brunswick Balke Collender and Brunswick Monarch. There are also parts on sale in case you have got one and only need a repair.

Explore for the worthy quality value of antique pool tables for sale. Antique Brunswick pool table models are excellent at high craftsmanship details. Learn the details to make yourself sure about the worth of the pool game table.

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