Best Dining Room Tables IKEA Design Styles

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Rectangular Dining Room Tables IKEA

Durable, study, extendable and stylish, dining room tables IKEA are all about quality to count on. Inviting everyone to come and spend some time together is cool with dinette furniture sets from IKEA. By the right design, shape and size and other elements, you can make yourself and everybody else sure about comfort. IKEA dining room furniture sets do more than just perfect dining but also enhancement to existing furnishings.

Your needs, design and quality are to seek for which you can certainly get. From small to extra large, simple to custom, IKEA dining sets are just wonderful to have by almost any kind of home. Traditional to modern, cheap to expensive, we show several best series that might interest you a lot.

Dining Room Tables IKEA Series on Sale

EKEDALEN – This series is an extendable version of dining tables. Natural wood finish, white, brown, espresso and even black, each color has stunning values to match your dining decor. It is easy to set for small dining and bigger ones. Mostly, the price is ranging around $279.00 for this 70 7/8/94 1/2×35 3/8 inch dining table series.

BJURSTA – Personally, I love round shape dining table. This series is excellent with extendable value that versatile and practical. One extension leaf makes the furniture possible to adjust for the more people to have a fine dining with proper surface. The price is $189.00 for this 45 1/4/65 3/8 inch table.

YPPERLIG – Modern traditional Scandinavian style is so thick as you can see from this series of dining table. This sturdy stabile metal underframe offers you simplicity of usage. The price is around $199.00 for this 78 3/4×35 3/8 inch ash wood.

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STORNÄS – Do you love antique? Then you need to spend around $399.00 for such table from IKEA. This 79 1/8/97 1/4/115 3/8×41 3/8 inch dining room tables IKEA consists two extendable leaves.

NORRÅKER – The price is around $159.00 for this Scandinavian design 49 1/4×29 1/8 ” table. White birch is excellent for the beauty that versatile in filling any kind of home decor ideas.

NORDEN – This $179.00 gateleg table is awesome to fill the corner of your dining area. This makes space saving quality of 10 1/4/35/59 7/8×31 1/2 inch. IKEA adds extra features of drawers for you to use for storing napkins and flatware. You will absolutely love the Scandinavian look so much.

There are more designs ideas with dining room tables IKEA on sale. You could not be mistaken by selecting dining room table sets from IKEA. Stylish and functional, dining room tables IKEA are excellent investment. Beautiful, durable and versatile IKEA dining room tables are ranging on sale.

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