Beautiful Concrete Landscape Curbing Designs

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Precast Concrete Landscape Curbing

Add beauty to your landscaping with curb appeal. Concrete landscape curbing design is an effective barrier for plants’ root. Sod and seeded grasses are common with concrete curbing. You can reduce edging and time to take for the trimming too. A distinctive exterior house look is what to please the eyes while getting both practicality and functionality of the curbing applications. Durability is what to count so you can save money in a long term.

Making an attractive accent in your exterior landscaping can be customized within budget. There are multiple color and design to become flexible decorative value to your property per foot. The job is going to take only one day to complete. Concrete landscape curbing will not rust, decompose, break or move like other material options. A successful root barrier is the guaranteed result.

Base colors of concrete curbing are gray cement, Davis Colors, light tan sand and water. Color variations are depending on the type of cement used. The finest quality is Cutting Edge with more of uniform color but also costs more.

To make an emphasize in your exterior design, the landscape curbing should blend or contrast with the existing color. It is best to match your residential landscaping design appearance.

Do it yourself concrete curbing for landscaping is a fun activity. It is a good way to exercise too.

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