Unique Distressed Dining Table Makeover Styles

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Distressed Dining Table Shabby Chic

Handcrafting by distressing wooden furniture is nice. Distressed dining table ha become one of most exciting ways to make the unique styles. Farmhouse, shabby chic, rustic and contemporary are popular with distress finish furniture designs. It is a quality that you can make by yourself without much effort and cost at all. In fact, it is a fun solution for the distinctive and exclusive pieces of furniture for your home to have.

How to distress dining furniture is simple. Using sandpaper is that easy to give a brand new texture that looks not the same with any piece existing in the world. This means awesome for the only piece at your home. This is certainly great to have your dining room as unique as possible with the table. Distressing the chairs is also wonderful for the complete look and feel. Or you can also choose to have different styles of chairs for some contrast.

Any kind of wood like oak, walnut, maple and cherry, distressed dining table gives variation of color and grain real uniquely. Different durability and hardness of the woods add extra value.

White, black and other colors of wood tables can have a distressing method. French country style is going to give real warmth and inviting atmosphere to your dining room decor ideas. DIY distressed dining table is a great activity to fill some leisure times. Distressed dining table ideas are about unique color and grain for the exclusive decor. Distressing dining tables can be DIY project of dining room makeover.

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