Unique Distinctive Wood Slab Table Design Ideas

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Custom Wood Slab Table

Unique and distinctive, wood slab table is increasing in popularity. Modern and contemporary homes have been applying this kind of table furniture. Do it yourself building the table is nice. Completely wood or with metal for the legs and accessories, wood slab is an excellent choice for the creative room decorating ideas. Any taste of style can pour so that to represent individuality.

Wood slab dining tables, console tables, coffee tables for the tops and the legs are available on sale. How to make wood slab table is easy actually. Just confirm the sturdiness of the construction to stand strong even though to hold weight. Metal legs are unique especially if you want to pour industrial style with wood slab top in a great combination of color and finish.

Nowadays, tree slice tables especially live edge coffee tables come in custom designs. Shapes are better to leave in natural for the texture and surely attractive design appearance. Rustic style is nice so you can let it naturally without any staining or painting. To give sleek finishes, polishing with glossy paint is excellent for the elegant shine. This is applicable on knotty surfaces but evenly is a must.

Wood slab table for sale comes to become excellent investment in your place. There are different kinds of wood like acacia, walnut and more even reclaimed wood. Simple to custom, it is for sure to become a stunning addition to your decor. Wood slab table can become a stunning decor in your home. Wood slab coffee tables, dining tables and more designs are available on sale nowadays.

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