Unique Characteristics Of Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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With so many wonderful options of wood kitchen cabinets, where to start? Whether you would like cherry, maple, oak, alder, hickory, birch, walnut or pecan wood cabinets, there are several key elements to decide the best ones. Each of the woods has unique characteristics that indeed you want to find your favorite type. This post offers information on them.

Cherry wood has red undertones that may vary in color characteristics from white to a deep rich brown. This type of wood is smooth with random markings in a fair texture of close-grained look. You can easily finish the grain evenly by yourself.

Maple wood cabinets are white to creamy-white as the predominate colors. You can also see reddish-brown tones occasionally within the panel. Just like cherry, maple is also a smooth wood.

Oak wood cabinets tend to be in distinctive grain patterns with a wide range of color tone selections like white, pink and reddish. Due to its mineral deposits, you can see streaks of yellow, green and even black in the wood.

Alder wood cabinets have undertones of reddish and light brown as the characteristics with a straight even texture. You will see indistinct boundaries between the sapwood and heartwood for the amazing wood kitchen cabinets.

Hickory wood cabinets have ranging colors from white or blonde to dark-brown and reddish-brown with contrasting look due to the sapwood and heartwood.

Birch wood cabinets have a tight grain with smooth texture. This type of wood is heavy and strong that mostly popular for rustic or country decor.

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Walnut wood cabinets have beautiful patterns of grain with muted hues of brown as a smooth fine wood. This type of wood has ranging colors of light reddish-brown to deep chocolate.

Pecan wood cabinets have white, blonde, reddish-brown, and also dark-brown for dramatic colors of wood kitchen cabinets.

Which one to choose among these wood types for your kitchen cabinets? Each has unique characteristics and the price too.

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